Sanitation Needs and Your Outdoor Event And the Impact of COVID-19

Sanitation Needs and Your Outdoor Event (And the Impact of COVID-19)

It has been a mentally and emotionally exhausting journey for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  One thing that has been highlighted and endlessly discussed throughout this horrific ordeal has been the critical need for practicing serious sanitation measures – at all times!  Wiping down grocery-shopping-cart handles, covering coughs and sneezes, keeping hands away from our faces, wearing masks, and staying 6 feet apart from others – for a while, at least, this will be our new 'norm'.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, portable restrooms were deemed an essential commodity by the CDC and WHO.  It is testimony to how important these unsung heroes truly are – especially, when portable restrooms must be employed at pop-up-tent hospital sites, homeless encampments, and other locales – all in an effort to reduce the spread of deadly pathogens.  

                                          Texans Will Bounce Back  

The power of COVID-19 has been on full display and has left a path of destruction, on multiple levels, that we will never forget.  Texans, like all others, will feel very thankful once our lives can return to normal.  Festivals will emerge; concerts will come back; farmers' markets will resume; sports events will take place; outdoor weddings will commence – those days are waiting for us!

If you are planning on holding a public or private outdoor event later this year, you and everyone else will have a similar thought:  Is everything clean and sanitized?  If there is one thing you can count on, it would be the caliber of cleanliness of Moore Cans' portable restrooms.  We ensure the utmost sanitation – we always have and we always will.  You can be assured of the following:

Cleaning:  We clean all surfaces, from top to bottom, with cleansing agents that remove germs, dirt, and impurities.  The removal of these contaminants is only the beginning, however.

Disinfecting:  We disinfect all surfaces, after they are cleaned.  Cleaning with soapy solutions, alone, does not kill germs – as mentioned, cleaning will remove debris and a good portion of the germs, as a first step.  True sanitation involves using EPA-registered disinfectants – powerhouse products that come in for the 'kill-shot' – the powerful solutions that destroy and annihilate bacteria and viruses! 

Door knobs, light switches, toilet surfaces, sinks & faucets (on board our Luxury Restroom Trailers), flooring, walls, and all high-touch and low-touch surfaces are disinfected and sanitized – no area inside our portable restrooms escapes us!  And, by the way, we thoroughly clean the exteriors of our portable restrooms, as well! 

                                        This Next Step Is Critical, Too!   

It goes without saying that washing one's hands after using the bathroom is paramount – now, more than ever!  At Moore Cans, we offer not only spotless portable restrooms in all sizes and designs – from basic port-a-potties to luxurious restroom trailers – but our portable sinks/hand-wash stations provide an extra measure of cleanliness.  The CDC makes it very clear that hand-washing, on its own, is the most powerful preventative measure against disease – including COVID-19.  A few CDC statistics are quite stunning:

* Hand-washing reduces, by 31%, the number of people who get sick with diarrhea.

* Hand-washing reduces, by 58%, diarrhea-related illness in people with weakened immune systems. 

* Hand-washing reduces, by 21%, respiratory illnesses, such as colds, within the general population.  And, by the way, the common cold is caused by a type of coronavirus.

* Hand-washing for 20 seconds – after a lather has been created – kills COVID-19.  It's, also, important to rinse hands, thoroughly, and dry with a paper towel, an unused cloth towel, or air dry.

                                                  How Soap Kills COVID-19

Hand-washing is critically important regarding COVID-19 since people touch their faces an average of 23 times an hour – another fascinating piece of data from the CDC.  The CDC goes on to say that soap molecules are similar to the molecules that make up the outer layer of COVID-19.  Because of this, COVID-19's outer-layer molecules become attracted to the soap molecules.  The interesting part comes next:  a part of each soap molecule, literally, stabs the COVID-19 – like a nail penetrating a tire.  As a result, the virus' protective outer membrane deflates and dissolves.  Once that covering is destroyed, the virus dies!

                       Hand Washing Stations – Taking That Extra Step

Offering one or more portable sinks/hand-wash stations at your next event would be nothing short of being proactive and prudent, and people will feel at ease knowing these handy units are available.  Portable sinks/hand-wash stations are as easy to rent as our portable restrooms – just give our team a call at 214-351-0909 for immediate answers to all your questions.

Moore Cans offers portable sinks/hand-wash stations that are self-contained, fully-stocked, and ready whenever you are.  You can select from 2-station and 4-station configurations.  Large fresh-water tanks, soap dispensers, paper-towels, and hands-free foot-pump operation provide guests with microbe-fighting protection and user-friendly operation.      

As a side-note:  Alcohol-based hand sanitizers will kill COVID-19, too – available with our more-basic port-a-potty designs.  Our elegant restroom trailers, however, do offer sinks with soap and running water as well as flushing commodes that work together to, maximally, keep pathogens at bay.

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