Fascinating Facts and Statistics about Portable Restrooms

Fascinating Facts and Statistics about Portable Restrooms

A lot of people may not give much thought to portable restrooms – they are pretty much taken for granted at outdoor events.  Whether you might be attending a sporting event, a charming outdoor wedding, a high-end corporate picnic, or a surprise birthday bash, portable restrooms aren't known to be the center of attention.

With that being said, however, these indispensable loos are appreciated for their immense convenience.  Let's face it, when someone really has to go, portable restrooms, instantly, become one's best friend – even if only for a short while.  What is quite astounding, though, are the facts behind portable restrooms that very few people are aware of.

Here are a few fascinating statistics and truths about portable restrooms from various sources, including the US Census, which collects and analyzes business data.  Some of these insights just might surprise you: 

1.  Around the world, about 3.6 million portable restrooms exist.

2.  Out of the 3.6 million portable restrooms, English-speaking North America has 2.0 – 2.2 million on her soil, alone.

3.  As of 2017, almost 9,100 businesses in the US were providing septic services and/or portable restroom/sanitation-related equipment rentals.  Out of that number, portable-toilet rental businesses, per se, made up about one-third of that total. 

4.  California takes the lead with more than 15% of the US market (of portable sanitation and septic pumping) and Texas takes 2nd place with a little over 9% of the US market.  Market size is measured by revenue.

5.  As of 2018, revenue generated by the portable sanitation market, alone, in the US came in at a whopping $1.38 billion to $2.01 billion!  During 2020, portable toilet rentals should reach the $2.1 billion mark.

6.  The portable-sanitation industry is doing very well in the US.  As of 2017, the industry has been outperforming the US economy, in many areas.  More specifically, the market size of the Portable Toilet Industry in the US increased faster than the Advisory and Financial Services sector, overall!

7.  The largest source of revenue for the portable sanitation industry is construction – around 41% of annual revenue – and outdoor events come in as the second-largest source of revenue – almost 34%.

8.  The most popular rental option for events is portable restroom trailers – about 51% – as opposed to single-stall portable units.  Let's face it, people love temperature control and flushing toilets included in restroom-trailer models!

9.  Environmental guidelines for portable sanitation companies are set by state and local authorities, not the EPA.

10. Portable toilets were used by California shipyard workers during the 1940's – when portable toilets made their official debut in the US.  They were, also, included on war-time aircraft for use during long flights and bombing missions.

11. The first patent for a polyethylene plastic portable restroom was granted in the 1960's to George Harding who worked for the US War Department during WWII.

12. Portable restrooms save an estimated 45 billion gallons of freshwater, every year – this, according to the Portable Sanitation Association International.  Every day, 125,000,000 gallons of water are saved around the world due to portable-restroom usage.

And last, but not least…

13. Eight days before Germany's WWII surrender, a German U-boat (the U-1206 submarine) was forced to surface in enemy territory (near the coast of Scotland) due to the submarine's captain who did not use the on-board toilet, properly.  A British aircraft was waiting.

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