Benefits of a Wedding Portable Restroom

Aww – the outdoor wedding!  Brides are, increasingly, shunning indoor weddings for the hopelessly-romantic outdoor settings that the great state of Texas offers.  Whether saying “I do!” in a rustic barn, or within a charming flower garden, or along a hillside vineyard, or in proximity to a pristine lake setting, outdoor weddings are intended to be fairytale-come-true experiences.

Those who are planning the logistics of that special day want every detail to be perfect.  Planners want every nuance from the DJ, music, flowers, and table settings, to the cake, catering, and seating arrangements to be impressive for their guests.  There is one detail, however, not included in this list, above, that should be – portable restrooms! 

When wedding portable restrooms are part of this incredibly special day, their benefits become very evident, very quickly.  Here is a handful of benefits worth noting:

Wedding Portable Restrooms Reduce Stress

Planning a wedding can generate a good deal of anxiety, but having portable restrooms close by means the needs of every guest is fully accommodated – that means one less worry.  It's all about providing positive restroom experiences that make friends and family feel right at home!  Once wedding portable restrooms are scheduled for delivery, the wedding 'To-Do List' becomes shorter and planners can breathe a little easier knowing one important detail is taken care of! 

Wedding Portable Restrooms Offer Comfort

Feeling right at home is what you want for all your wedding guests.  You might choose Moore Cans' more-basic porta-potties or stunning luxury restroom trailers.  Either way, your wedding portable restrooms will offer unexpected comfort and security.  When it comes to comfort, per se, nothing surpasses that amenity more than Moore Cans' luxury restroom trailers which include the following:

VIP 2 – Perfect for smaller weddings – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.  

Luxury 2 – Perfect for smaller weddings – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's side includes 1 urinal, also. 

Luxury 3 – Perfect for slightly larger weddings –  1 men's & 2 women's entrances.  All 3 rooms are private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's room includes 1 urinal, also.

Luxury 4 – Perfect for larger weddings – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room is private and includes 1 foot-flush commode plus 1 urinal.  Women's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes. 

LUX 7 – Perfect for larger weddings – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 1 private stall w/ foot-flush commode, plus 3 water-free urinals.  Women's side has 3 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.

Luxury 8 – Perfect for larger weddings – 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 urinals and 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.  Women's room has 4 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.  

Luxury 10 – Perfect for very large weddings – 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes, plus 3 urinals.  Women's room has 5 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes. 

Wedding Portable Restrooms Will Impress Your Guests!

In all likelihood, most of your wedding guests have never seen the inside of an elegant portable restroom trailer.  If they were to step inside a Moore Cans' model for the first time, the first word you would, probably, hear would be:  “WOW!”   Other guest-appreciated, eye-candy extras include:

***  Stainless-steel sinks w/running water

***  Corian vanities w/mirrors 

***  Air conditioning/heat

***  Powered vents

***  LED lights, inside & out

***  'Occupied' lights at each door

***  Vinyl flooring

***  Exterior porch lights

***  Beautiful wood cabinetry

***  Chair-railing and baseboards

***  European-inspired horizontal door-handles

***  Tastefully-decorated interiors

The sleek, classy interiors of Moore Cans' luxury restroom trailers are designed to add a distinctive touch of elegance to your outdoor wedding event.  These beauties will accommodate either 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 or 10 users, simultaneously.  

When bridesmaids want to primp or change clothing, each luxury restroom trailer provides comfortable temperature-controlled interiors with spaciousness, to spare.  Accommodating the desires and needs of your guests is one thing, but impressing them, in the process, is a bonus!

Don't be surprised if you get compliments such as:  “Your portable restrooms were a class act!” Or... “I couldn't believe how beautiful your portable bathrooms were!”  Or… “You out-did yourself with those portable bathrooms – they were stunning!”  Moore Cans will make sure every detail is covered with setting up, stocking, and retrieving your wedding portable restrooms – you can garner all the compliments, and we won't care, one bit! 

Wedding Portable Restrooms Cater to Any Budget

We, at Moore Cans, fully understand that saving money is a big consideration when planning a wedding – it's not an inexpensive endeavor!  Because of that, we offer a selection of wedding portable restroom options at price-points that are geared for any budget!  Other options include:

'Event' Portable Toilets – our most-basic option with hand sanitizers – very affordable!  As a side note:  you can embellish these modest units with mini-lights, flowers, wedding tents, and any other fun ideas to make them increasingly welcoming and inviting!

'Deluxe' Portable Toilets – include on-board hand-sanitizers and are a step-up from the 'Event' models.

'Flushing' Portable Toilets –  offer hands-free operation.  The flushing capability is available while, still, offering a budget-friendly price-point!

Whether you choose wedding portable restrooms that are humble or posh, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

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