Portable Restrooms for Your Labor Day Event

   What are YOUR Labor Day Plans?


If you are anticipating a special gathering for Labor Day, have you considered adding one or more portable restrooms to ensure optimized sanitation during your planned celebration?  Chances are, you have the logistics thought out, down to the smallest detail – what food will be served, how the seating will be arranged, what alcoholic drinks might be served, what music will be played, which bathroom will be used –  wait a minute: which bathroom will be used?  Are you sure you want foot traffic and paper plates filled with food going in and out of your home for several hours due to guests needing to use your in-home restrooms? 


If you want to keep your home clean and stifle any possibility of spilled food & drinks on your carpet or furniture, then welcome to Moore Cans!  Your home can take a beating when multitudes enter it to use your bathroom(s). The good news is, your home doesn't have to suffer, and neither do you!  Moore Cans offers a generous inventory of portable restrooms in a variety of designs that cater to every budget and party objective: from the most basic porta-potties, to upgraded models, to ADA-Compliant, to amenity-filled, elegant restroom trailers. 


                                   Whatever You Need, We'll Have It!


Labor Day will come and go, but the memories your guests will walk away with from your Labor Day gathering will stay with them for a long time.  With Moore Cans' portable restrooms, your VIPs will be offered the comfort and convenience they might need at a moment's notice! If you have any questions, at all, concerning any of Moore Cans' portable restrooms, just give us a quick call at:  214-351-0909


Here is a brief overview of what we offer:


***  Moore Cans' Event Portable Toilets – extremely affordable w/hand sanitizers


***  Moore Cans' Deluxe Portable Toilets – a step up w/ hand sanitizers


***  Moore Cans' Flushing Portable Toilets – operate w/foot-flush capability


***  Moore Cans' Wheel Chair Accessible Portable Toilets – include thoughtfully-designed safety features and added spaciousness for ease-of-maneuverability


***  Moore Cans' Luxury Restroom Trailers – can accommodate 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, or 10 simultaneous users w/heat & AC, separate men's & women's entrances, beautiful cabinetry, private stalls, large vanities, sinks w/running water, and more!


                          When Determining How Many Units You Need


You can refer to our handy guide to determine how many units your event would require, or simply give us a call!  Within minutes, you will have a realistic idea of what to expect.


Determining how many units your event would require will rest not only on the number of guests invited but, also:


1.  the length of the event

2.  if more women will be in attendance than men – research indicates women can use up twice as much time in a bathroom than men

3.  if alcohol will be served – alcohol, of course, will increase restroom visits


Having the correct number of portable restrooms at your event is all about making sure your guests are not forced to wait in line to use them.  By providing ample bathroom facilities, your foresight and thoughtful consideration will, no doubt, be genuinely appreciated! 


                                                          Give Moore Cans a Call!


Call Moore Cans, today, and we will address any questions you have about any of our portable restroom options – from the most basic porta-potties to amenity-filled luxury restroom trailers, we have you covered!  When it comes to your Labor Day celebration, we want to reduce the stress, and enhance its success! 

                     You can reach us at 214-351-0909 and visit online at www.moorecans.com