FAQ in Regards to Portable Bathroom Rentals

Welcome to Moore Cans!  When it comes to providing on-site, immaculate portable bathroom rentals for outdoor parties, celebrations, events, and festivals, Moore Cans has become the 'go-to' choice for supplying portable bathrooms for outdoor gatherings of all sizes.  Whether one has a guest list of dozens or hundreds or a thousand or more, Moore Cans can meet the need!


Are Portable Bathrooms Used for Only Certain Events?


Any event – and we mean, any event – is a perfect candidate for Moore Cans' portable bathroom rentals.  You might be planning a family reunion, a neighborhood cook-out, a bachelor/bachelorette celebration, a surprise anniversary, an Open House, a sports event, or anything in-between – wherever one would expect smaller crowds or larger crowds, Moore Cans' portable restroom rentals can be there to make sure all attendees or guests never have to find a restroom 'somewhere'.


Regardless of the type of event, portable bathroom rentals are the perfect solution for restroom needs anywhere and during any time of year – it's one less detail to worry about! 


Can Portable Bathrooms Be Rented for Only One Day?


The amount of time you wish to rent Moore Cans' portable bathrooms is entirely up to you.  It is important, however, that you contact us as soon as you know the date of your gathering.  That would ensure the size and design of the portable bathroom or bathrooms you desire would be available.  Whether one day or ten days, Moore Cans will accommodate your needs – we are constantly adding new units to our existing fleet.


Have Your Portable Bathrooms Been Used on Construction Sites?


Any portable bathrooms that are used for special events have never been used on any construction sites.  Moore Cans has a separate fleet of porta-potties that are reserved for construction venues. The portable bathroom rental(s) for your event – whether modest models or luxury varieties –  will arrive at your location in spotless condition. We want your guests or attendees to appreciate our immaculate units and, of course, we want you to appreciate them, too! 


What Keeps the Waste Tanks from Freezing in Cold Weather?


Adding anti-freeze with the deodorizing water is all it takes.  Any products we use are regulated and must be approved by local waste-water facilities. 


Are Your Portable Restrooms Usable for Those With Physical Limitations?


Moore Cans' offers wheel-chair accessible portable restrooms.  They are ADA compliant and offer enhanced safety features and spacious interiors which allow for ease-of-maneuverability. 


How Do I Determine the Number of Portable Restrooms, Needed?


If you visit our website www.moorecans.com you will find a calculations chart that will give you a very good idea about how to determine the correct number of units you would need.  Keep in mind, however, that the number of people attending your event is only one factor. If, for example, alcohol will be served at your gathering, that will mean increased bathroom visits.  Other factors, such as the duration of your event, should be considered, as well.


The easiest way and, probably the quickest way, to generate an accurate calculation of how many portable restroom rentals you would need, would be to give our office a quick call at 214-351-0909.  Within minutes, we can quickly factor in all the variables to ensure long wait lines at your event don't become an issue. 


Do You Offer Various Price Options?


Moore Cans offers a wide range of price points – from our most-basic porta-potties, to mid-range models that offer extra amenities, to our impressively-elegant luxury restroom trailers.  We have design and size selections that cater to any budget and any sized event. 


What Does a Restroom Trailer Need to Operate?


Since Moore Cans' restroom trailers have flushing commodes and sinks with running water/AC & heat/powered vents/ interior & exterior lighting and more, we would need a standard 110 outlet and a standard outside hose faucet.  Please call one of our team members for more details. 


How Many People Can Use a Unit at One Time?


Moore Cans' largest model, the 'Luxury 10', can accommodate – you guessed it – 10 users, simultaneously.  This spacious beauty offers 1 men's entrance and 1 women's entrance. The men's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes plus 3 urinals.  The women's room has 5 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes. 


How Do I Reserve a Portable Restroom?


Any portable restroom can be reserved within minutes.  Simply give us a call to discuss details. Moore Cans is ready whenever you are!          


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Call our office, today, and one of Moore Cans' team-members will answer any questions you might have.  Also, take advantage of a free price quote.  


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          Making the renting of portable bathrooms easy is not just our business, it's our pleasure!