Five Distinctive Ways to Personalize Your Portable Restroom Rental

Your upcoming outdoor event is in the works – it's personal.  Maybe an outdoor wedding, a graduation party, or a surprise birthday bash is going to receive center stage.  Whatever your theme might entail, we know you want everything to be memorable, including how your portable restroom rental will come across to your guests.  At Moore Cans, we get it! 

Even though we offer portable restrooms with foot-flush toilets, vanities with mirrors & running water, temperature-controlled options of AC & heat, private stalls, beautiful cabinetry and more, if you have a yearning to add several personal touches to individualize your portable restroom rental, it is here where you will find some fun ways you can do just that!

Keep in mind that even the most-basic porta-potty units can receive much of the same personalized touches, listed here!  It's not so much the caliber of the portable restroom, itself, as it is the way in which you choose to make your guests feel extra welcome!

'Curb' Appeal

Adding exterior niceties can spruce up even the most bare-bones portable restroom.  On both sides of the restroom's entrance, place appropriately-sized pots filled with colorful flowers – preferably real flowers to add an impressive splash of color, texture, and a welcoming feel.  After your event is over, simply keep the potted beauties to adorn your home's porch or patio, or use the potted flowers as raffle gifts before your event ends.

Door Candy

There is something beckoning when a home's front door is graced by a beautiful wreath – the feeling of 'you are welcome here' is, actually, felt.  That same simple touch can be added to the entrances of your portable restrooms; and one doesn't have to spend a fortune, either.  Many dollar-store outlets have seasonal wreaths that are, surprisingly, lovely and cost only a buck.  Adding color and dimension to the portable restrooms' entrance doors will be noticed, and your guests will smile knowing you went 'that extra mile' to make them feel special.

Light It Up

If your portable restroom is small, this idea would work especially well.  Place netting of white lights over the top of the portable restroom – the same type of netted lighting one would use to cover bushes during the winter holidays.  Your portable restrooms will glitter and glow and offer a mesmerizing touch.  Those same type of lights could be added to one or more interior walls, secured in place with removable, adhesive hooks.  Whether your lights will twinkle or not, your portable restrooms will be nothing short of noticeable once the sun sets!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Without exception, we all want to look our best when we arrive at a special event with family and friends.  That same desire carries over throughout the duration of the event; but if portable restrooms are being utilized, where does one find mirrors?  Well, if luxury restroom trailers are part of the

festivities, their spacious vanities have mirrors already in place.  If more-simplified portable restrooms or port-a-potties are being used that don't come with interior mirrors, then problem solved – simply add your own! 

Once again, you don't have to break the bank to purchase mirrors since dollar-store outlets offer 8X10 mirrors that can be easily attached to the inside wall of your portable restroom with handy adhesive hooks.  When your guests see how much thought you put into detailing your portable restrooms, you are bound to receive plenty of compliments!

The Regal Look

If your smaller porta-potties need some dressing up, make them (men's and women's units) look like a million bucks by placing an outdoor event tent over and around each one.  Little extras added to the royal-looking ambiance could include: 1) a large outdoor rug centered in front of the port-a-potty entrance 2)  an adirondack chair on each side of each porta-potty unit 3) a small table beside each chair accompanied with a lamp, if possible.  A lit lamp, at night, would offer a warm, inviting glow.  Not only would your portable restroom niche look adorable and welcoming with chairs, tables, and lamps, but those who might be waiting to use your portable restrooms could enjoy comfortable places to sit and relax.  Oh, and don't forget to add a bowl of candies on each table, too.  Voile! Your guests will be incredibly impressed!