Effective Ways to Use Portable Restrooms at Your Upcoming Event 

Utilizing portable restrooms at your upcoming outdoor event is a huge convenience for every guest who will be attending. Following a few simple guidelines regarding the use of portable restrooms  means you maximize the chances of your events' details unfolding, seamlessly. 

Ensuring all goes well with your outdoor event would include:

Selecting the Perfect Spot

A location for portable restrooms that allows enough room for delivery truck access is crucial as well as  an area where the ground is stable, dry and level.  Think, long before the event date, where your portable restrooms will be positioned and you can, then, plan where other features will be located – food and drink stations, for example, shouldn't be too close to portable restrooms for obvious reasons.   If your event is quite large, split the number of portable restrooms into various areas to create easier access.  If possible, place portable restrooms on concrete especially if rain were in the forecast.  If a muddy areas were to develop because of inclement weather, it can add up to problematic situations for not only restroom users but for the rental company when it would be time to retrieve the units.  

Observing Sanitation Basics

If you will be renting a luxury portable restroom trailer, the inside vanities equipped with sinks, soap, and running water would provide all the hand-washing your guests would need.  Not all portable restrooms are equipped with hand-washing capabilities, however, so offering a hand-washing station is a good alternative.  If your event is open to the public, hand-wash stations are, sometimes, required to keep your site up to code.

Also, if your event will last for more than one day, you would want your portable restrooms serviced daily.  You, after all, want to establish a dynamic first impression with your event, and portable restrooms, just like indoor restrooms, need to be cleaned and sanitized each day to make your guests feel good about attending your event.  Also, if guests are forced to leave your event to find a public restroom, potential revenue leaves right along with them!   

Offering Extra Facilities if Alcohol is Served

it can't be argued that alcohol consumption translates into more restroom visits.   Because of that, making sure you have adequate numbers of portable restrooms to accommodate that fact is important – very important!  If intoxicated guests are not provided with access to portable restrooms, they can find  public areas at the event, as an alternative – an unintended consequence of too few portable restrooms being available!

Keeping the Site Safe

Many outdoor events continue into the evening, and that means you want your guests to be clearly aware of where your portable restrooms are located.  Portable restrooms located under a lamp post, for example, will keep visibility at a maximum for your guests.  If your event is more personal and is located at a lake setting, for example, adding tiki torches near each portable restroom would add a fun ambiance.  Extra lighting, also, enhances the safety for each and every user.

Smaller porta-potty units, if left unattended overnight, can be tempting targets for pranksters.  To avoid the possibility of anyone attempting to vandalize any portable restrooms, consider placing your units in an area secured by fencing, or add temporary fencing as a proactive safety measure.  Locking the doors with padlocks, overnight, adds an extra measure of security.   

Allowing for Handicap Access

Having a handicap restroom on site is not only considerate, but certain public outdoor events are mandated, by law, to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act designed to prevent discrimination against those with various disabilities.  It is recommended that you provide 1 wheelchair-accessible portable restroom for every 10 regular portable restrooms that might be required for a larger event.  With handicap-accessible portable restrooms on site, patrons at your event will feel you are committed to ensuring that all guests feel welcomed and right at home.

Have Questions? – We Have Answers!

Whatever questions you might have regarding the usage of any type of portable restroom, simply give Moore Cans a call!  We can answer your questions in just a few minutes and address any local ordinances you might not be aware of.   

Moore Cans offers porta-potty rentals as well as higher-end portable restrooms with all the sophisticated comforts one would find at home – foot-flush toilets, running water, heat & AC and much more!  Moore Cans is here for you!

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