Bathroom Trailer Rentals – Dallas

If planning a highly-anticipated private celebration or public event in Dallas' great outdoors is on your “To-Do” list, one thing is for sure:  you want everything to run as seamlessly as possible!  Romantic, outdoor weddings have become extremely popular;  50th wedding anniversaries are poignant milestones; and ethnic festivals and sports events carry 'fun' to a whole, new level – but whatever occasion you might have in mind, addressing the personal needs of all your guests is paramount.  

Your attendance list might be 50, 200, or 500 or more; but you can rest assured that Moorecans can, effortlessly, cater to any-sized crowd, at any location, during any time of year –  our bathroom trailer rentals are conveniently air-conditioned and heated to ensure your event can carry on, regardless of the season.   

Moorecans' Bathroom Trailer Rentals – Image Is Everything

For almost half-a-century, Moorecans has served Dallas events by providing discreet, yet sophisticated, portable restroom facilities.  Our reputation for excellence in the restroom-solutions industry is unquestioned by, even, our competitors.  Our immaculate bathroom trailer rentals, coupled with committed customer-care, generate our ability to meet and exceed our Dallas clients' expectations!

The amenities included in our bathroom trailer rentals will surprise and delight your most-discerning guests.  With the first step inside one of our restroom facilities, users will enjoy and appreciate the feeling of privacy, comfort, and security.  

Moorecans' bathroom trailer rentals include:

***  Air vents
***  Fluorescent ceiling lights
***  Rich cabinetry
***  Chair railing and baseboards
***  “Occupied” lights, at doors
***  Temperature-controlled interiors – AC & heat 
***  Switched exterior porch lights
***  Running water
***  Vanities w/laminated tops and stainless sinks
***  White china/foot-flush stools
***  LED exterior lighting

Our bathroom trailer rentals are designed with 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 stalls – all, of which, are inviting, tastefully decorated, and spotlessly clean.  Your guests and visitors will, truly, appreciate your foresight with catering to their personal needs! 

How Many Units Will You Need?

Anyone from our personnel team will be happy to assist you with calculating the number of units your event would require.  Aside from taking into account the number of anticipated guests, you should also factor in the following:  1) the restroom's capacity to eliminate long lines 2) your event's duration 3) the number of guests who might remain for more than 3 hours 4) having more women, in attendance, than men and 5) alcoholic beverages being served.  

An interesting statistic from Medical Daily states that consuming alcohol, alone, can generate additional restroom usage by as much as 40%!  

Give Moorecans a Call, Today!

We encourage you to contact Moorecans today to ensure a greater selection from our bathroom trailer inventory.  Our experienced team-members will address any inquiries you might have; and within minutes you will know what to expect regarding required numbers and other important details.  Turn any concern into peace-of-mind and know that Moorecans' bathroom trailer rentals will be ready whenever you are! 

You can reach our Dallas office at:  (214) 351-0909