Moore Cans Portable Restroom Rentals – Dallas

Are you organizing an important outdoor event in the Dallas area?  If so, it may be a large family reunion, a graduation party, an outdoor wedding or a corporate event; but whatever the theme of the gathering might be, catering to the personal needs of your guests is an important detail. To help ensure that part of your planning moves seamlessly, consider Moore Cans' portable restroom rentals – they offer unexpected amenities and the kind of privacy and security your guests will truly appreciate and long remember.


Within the portable-restroom industry, Moore Cans is part of an applauded 50-year history of dependability and expertise; and our mission is to not only meet our clients' expectations, but exceed them!  You and your guests will be impressed with the detailing our portable restroom rentals offer; and they are immaculate!  We know image matters; and Moore Cans' portable restrooms are discreet, yet beautifully sophisticated.      


Your Event Planning Just Got Easier!


Planning and coordinating a larger event requires in-sync logistics; and though it can feel overwhelming, it doesn't have to.  Regardless of whether your gathering will be laid-back and casual or suited for royalty, Moore Cans has a variety of restroom sizes and designs that will cater to any type of event.  Our 2, 3, 4, 8, or 10-stall units would be delivered and set up, efficiently and professionally – ready ahead of time to provide comfort and convenience.  We'll do all the work and you'll get all the credit!


When your guests step inside anyone of our portable restroom rentals, they will be amazed at the pristine interiors that are crafted to be not only functional, but offer amenities that will make your guests feel right at home.  For optimized pampering for your guests, Moore Cans' portable restroom rentals provide:    


***  Air vents

***  LED exterior lighting

***  Fluorescent ceiling lighting

***  Sophisticated cabinetry

***  Wood-grain flooring

***  “Occupied” lights, at doors

***  All-season, temperature-controlled interiors – AC and heat

***  Switched exterior porch lighting at each door

***  Running water

***  Vanities with laminated tops & stainless-steel sinks

***  White Chair-railing and baseboards 

***  White China, foot-flush commodes


You want your guests to feel safe, comfortable and at ease; and with Moore Cans' portable restroom rentals, they truly will.    


How Many Units Will You Need?

Determining how many units your event would require is easy – just give our office a call and provide a few details.  We will calculate your requirements within minutes.  One or more additional units will, likely, be necessary if:


1)  more women will be in attendance, than men

2)  a large number of guests will remain longer than 3 hours

3)  alcoholic beverages will be served      


Call Moore Cans Today


Contact our office today – the answers to all your questions are only a phone call away.  Be sure to inquire about Moore Cans' complimentary quote offer, also.  Put your mind at ease; and be assured that  Moore Cans' portable restroom rentals will do their part to ensure your event runs smoothly and will be long remembered!   


        You can reach us at our Dallas office:  214-351-0909.  We look forward to hearing from you!