Moore Cans Luxury Portable Toilets – Dallas

Are you planning a milestone anniversary, a corporate celebration, a garden wedding or any other festivity that will be held outdoors?  If pampering your VIP list is a prime consideration, Moore Cans' luxury portable toilets have a reputation for adding, not only, convenience but an elevated level of sophistication with some surprising amenities!  


Moore Cans is proud to be part of nearly 50 years of expertise in the personal-needs industry; and our mission is to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.  Exceeding expectations has everything to do with Moore Cans' luxury portable toilets that will impress, even, the most discriminating guest.   


Luxury Portable Toilets ~ Posh and Pampering


Luxury portable toilets from Moore Cans have opulence in mind, with posh units being available in a variety of sizes which include 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10-stall accommodations.  Our luxury portable toilets include amenities that, truly, make the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary:    


***  Air vents

***  White chair railing and baseboards

***  Dark, wood-grain flooring

***  LED exterior lights

***  Fluorescent ceiling lights

***  Custom cabinetry

***  Paneled interior doors

***  Large mirrors

***  Framed artwork on walls 

***  Aesthetically-pleasing, 2-toned walls

***  AC or heat ~ temperature-controlled for any season

***  Switched exterior porch light @ each door

***  Running water

***  Vanities w/laminated tops & stainless sinks

***  White china, foot-flush stools

***  Urinals and toilets in men's units

***  Streamlined exteriors with handrails by entry doors

***  'Occupied' lights, at doors


Our professional team will deliver, set up, and haul away each luxury portable toilet according to your time-frame – we'll do all the work; and you will enjoy all the compliments!  


Your guests will not, soon, forget your thoughtfulness and consideration with providing the crème de la crème of portable restroom facilities.  Luxury portable toilets offer VIPs easy access for their restroom needs without compromising the elegance of the occasion.  Whether you anticipate 50, 100, or hundreds, everyone in attendance will remember the striking accommodations on-site luxury portable toilets provide – it's all about enhanced ambiance that is 'dressed' to impress!  


Calculating How Many Units You Will Need


If you are not sure how many units or stalls you might need or if your guest-list exceeds 1000, please give our office a call – we will assist you with every detail.  Your estimate should include the number of guests you are expecting as well as the duration of your event.


It is wise to include additional units if your event will include: 1)  a guest list with more women than men 2)  alcohol consumption and/or 3) a larger number of guests who remain at your event for more than 3 hours.


Give Us A Call


Contact Moore Cans today – the answers to your questions are only a phone call away!  Be sure to inquire about our free-quote offer, as well.  We look forward to hearing from you!


   You can reach us at our Dallas office at:  214-351-0909.  We look forward to hearing from you!