Moore Cans Bathroom Trailer Rentals – Dallas

Dallas is a city constantly brimming with activity; and that would include public and private events such as outdoor weddings, golf tournaments, graduation parties, milestone anniversaries, corporate picnics, ethnic festivals. and so much more.  All these memorable gatherings have one thing in common:  the need to accommodate the personal needs of everyone in attendance.  Thankfully, that issue is never a problem due to Moore Cans' bathroom trailer rentals. 


Some events are relaxing and casual while other events are stunningly high-end; but whatever your event-planning might entail, Moore Cans' bathroom trailer rentals offer the caliber of excellence you demand.  All our models of bathroom facilities offer welcoming and spotless interiors that take comfort and convenience to an unexpected level.  One step inside our bathroom trailer rentals will be a delightful visual experience your guests will not only appreciate, but remember.  And, of course, the convenience of having lovely portable restrooms, on site, speaks for itself.     


Are You Thinking Simple or Sophisticated?


With different designs of Moore Cans' bathroom trailer rentals, amenities can vary depending on the size and style you might choose.  If you opt for Moore Cans' standard design bathroom trailer rentals, you won't be disappointed.  These models are virtually new, completely sanitized, immaculate, and ready for your gathering – just give Moore Cans a call.  Our basic models include:   1) interior hand-sanitizer dispensers 2) fresh-water flushing toilets and 3) wheel-chair accessibility.  All your visitors will appreciate the comfort and security.  


If you decide on Moore Cans' more luxurious bathroom trailer rentals, your guests will be immersed in sophistication and class.  Streamlined models with lovely interior designs offer a type of ambiance that is unsurpassed.  Your guests will enjoy:  1) Stainless-steel sinks with mirrors and vanities 2) fresh-water/foot-flush commodes 3) polished-chrome faucets 4) lovely cabinetry 5) all-weather heating & air-conditioning, and so much more – it's all about being pampered, in style!


Our experienced personnel will will deliver, set-up and retrieve each 2, 3, 4, 8, or 10-stalled unit.     We'll do the work; and you'll get the compliments and all the credit!  With Moore Cans, you can count on 50 years of expertise in the personal-needs industry.


Number of Units


Use our handy guide to determine how many restroom stalls your gathering would require.   You can, also, allow one of our team members to quickly calculate how many bathroom rental units your event would require.  The number of units that would work best for your event would depend on a few factors, including:


***  The number of people in attendance

***  The duration of the event

***  A guest list that might exceed 1,000

***  Whether alcohol would be served 

***  Whether there would be more women than men at your event


Give Us a Call


Contact Moore Cans, today, and discover how we can best serve your events' personal-needs component.  You have questions; and we'll have the answers -- right over the phone.  Be sure to inquire, also, about our free-quote offer!  Moore Cans looks forward to hearing from you! 


                                    You can reach us at our Dallas office at:  214-351-0909