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Dallas Special Event/Wedding Restroom Trailers and portable toilets

Moore Cans in Dallas, TX has a wide selection of restroom trailers for your wedding or special event. Our luxury restroom rentals are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Planning an outdoor wedding or outdoor wedding reception has many challenges but providing adequate restroom facilities does not need to be one of those challenges. 

We offer several options for event restroom rentals from our high end portable toilets or porta potties to our largest luxury restroom rentals.  We have restroom trailers ranging from 2 to 10 toilets. Learn More...

We want to make your special day less stressful. Call us today to discuss a restroom rental for your wedding. 214-351-0909

Portable Toilet Rentals for construction sites or for events

When it comes to portable toilet rentals in Dallas, Moore Cans can handle the job. Moore Cans in Dallas provides portable toilets for construction sites, sporting events, festivals, large parties, and any event that expects a large crowd. Our units are well maintained, clean, and sanitized.

Our Company

If you are interested in learning more about portable restroom facilities for an upcoming event, Moore Cans is here to help!  The hallmark of the Moore Cans name is our unquestioned integrity.  We adhere to strict standards of excellence with our products and services; and we offer committed customer care.  Taking care of our clients throughout the great state of Texas is 'Job 1'.  

Providing an array of portable bathroom designs to suit any size or any type of outdoor event is what we are known for; and we have been in the business for almost 50 years, and counting.  
We realize everyone's budget is different which is why our varied models of portable bathrooms easily align with anyone's pocketbook – whether limited or lavish.  But regardless of whether you might select our most basic port-a-potty, or an amenity-filled luxury restroom trailer, or options in-between, your event will run that much smoother when your guests have access to clean, portable restrooms in close proximity.

Outdoor events in Texas that benefit from Moore Can's portable bathrooms cover the entire spectrum –  from art festivals, concerts, ethnic cook-outs, and outdoor weddings to family reunions, block parties, bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, and so much more!  In other words, whatever your event might entail, Moore Cans is at your service to help make your much-anticipated event run as smoothly as possible as well as allowing attendees to remain at your event, even longer, if that is part of your goal.

Our Integrity

Moore Cans' core principles have stood the test of time – principles that are embedded in our company's mission and philosophy to ensure our continued success as well as ensuring the complete satisfaction of each and every customer.  Those principles include: 1) offering complete transparency, at all times 2)  providing high-quality, immaculate portable restrooms, without exception 3) remaining competitive with our price points 4) ensuring optimized efficiency with delivery and retrieval of all units 5) remaining 100% dedicated to our customers to generate 100% customer satisfaction  – anything less is unacceptable.

Moore Cans' reputation is backed by nearly 5 decades of helping Texas businesses and families prepare the 'personal-needs' side of their outdoor events, down to the smallest detail.  Moore Cans is extremely proud of its almost 50-year history of expertise; and our team-members will go that extra mile to maintain the trust and continued patronage of all out clients.

Our Models and Amenities

Moore Cans has a vast and varied inventory of models and designs of portable restroom facilities to discreetly blend in with any type of outdoor event – whether sophisticated or casual, large or small, or public or private.  It doesn't matter if your guest list is 50 or fewer, or 500 or more, our team of professionals will help you determine what size or design of portable restroom might best suit your needs.  In the end, we will cater to your specific requests – from discussing the number of units that would be ideal for your gathering, to setting up the facilities, to hauling them away.

You can be assured that every special-event portable restroom has never been used on construction sites, though we do inventory models for that specific purpose. 
Every model of portable restroom – from our basic port-a-potties up to our elegant luxury restroom trailers are delivered spotlessly clean and completely sanitized.  As the cliché goes:  'It's all in the presentation'; and that presentation involves perceived image and first-impressions, which do matter.
Moore Cans will do the work of delivering, setting up and hauling everything away; and you can enjoy receiving all the compliments!

~Moore Cans' Luxury Restroom Trailers~

When it comes to poshness and pampering, Moore Cans' restroom trailers deliver the epitome of class and distinction!  The amenities, within, are many; and with Moore Cans' 'Restroom Trailer' line, you can select from the following:

***  VIP 2 – Perfect for smaller events – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.  
Size:  8'L x 6'W not including retractable steps or hitch
Electrical:  (1) 110 v/ 35 amp
Water:  205 gallons waste/104 gallons fresh – uses standard garden hose water connection 

***  Luxury 2 – Perfect for any event – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's side includes 1 urinal, also. 

***  Luxury 3 – Perfect for any event –  1 men's & 2 women's entrances.  All 3 rooms are private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's room includes 1 urinal, also.

***  Luxury 4 – Perfect for any event – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room is private and includes 1 foot-flush commode plus 1 urinal.  Women's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes. 

***  LUX 7 – Perfect for larger events – 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 1 private stall w/ foot-flush commode, plus 3 water-free urinals.  Women's side has 3 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.
Size:  18'L x 8.5'W not including retractable steps or hitch
Electrical:  30-amp cords with 15-amp adapters
Water:  725 gallons on board or city water 

***  Luxury 8 – Perfect for larger events – 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 urinals and 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.  Women's room has 4 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.  

***  Luxury 10 – Perfect for very large events – 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes, plus 3 urinals.  Women's room has 5 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes. 

Additional features your VIPS will enjoy and appreciate, include: 
***  Stainless-steel sinks w/running water
***  Corian vanities w/mirrors 
***  Air conditioning/heat
***  Powered vents
***  LED lights, inside & out
***  'Occupied' lights at each door
***  Vinyl flooring
***  Exterior porch lights
***  Beautiful wood cabinetry
***  Chair-railing and baseboards
***  European-inspired horizontal door-handles
***  Tastefully-decorated interiors

The 'extras' built into each Moore Cans' luxury restroom trailer are 'dressed' to impress!  The sleek, spacious interiors are strikingly elegant and are designed to add a distinctive touch of class to any event.  These beauties will accommodate either 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 or 10 users, simultaneously. 

Moore Cans' luxury restroom trailers are so surprisingly sophisticated, your guests just might compare them to restrooms found in an elegant hotel.  All of Moore Cans' luxury restroom trailers are professionally maintained and always delivered to our clients' locations right on time and in pristine condition – inside and out. 

                           ~Moore Cans' Other Portable Restroom Options~

***  Moore Cans' 'Event' Portable Toilets –  our most-basic option – very affordable

***  Moore Cans' 'Deluxe' Portable Toilets –  include on-board hand-sanitizers

***  Moore Cans' 'Flushing' Portable Toilets –  operate with hands-free, fresh-water systems

***  Moore Cans' 'Wheel-Chair Accessible' Portable Toilets – include thoughtfully-designed safety features and spaciousness to allow for ease of maneuverability

***  Moore Cans' 'Construction-Rental' Portable Toilets –  an absolute necessity for construction sites.  The industry standard is one portable toilet for every 10 full-time employees.  We recommend servicing these units twice a week to ensure sanitation and optimum performance. 

When Determining How Many Units You Need

You can refer to our handy, on-line guide to help calculate the number of portable restroom units your event will require.  You can, also, give our office a call and one of our team-members will be happy to do the calculating for you.  Within minutes, you will have a realistic idea of what to expect for your upcoming event.

The number of anticipated guests is the most obvious determiner when figuring the number of units you might need, but other factors should be considered, as well, including:

1.  How long will the event last?
2.  Will the guest list exceed 1,000?
3.  Will more women be in attendance, than men?
4.  How many guests will, likely, remain for more than 3 hours?
5.  Will the restroom(s) you choose have the capacity to eliminate long lines?
6.  Will alcohol be served?

An interesting bit of insight from Medical Daily states that restroom usage can increase by as much as 40% due to alcohol consumption!

Having the correct number of portable restrooms at your event is all about making sure your guests are not forced to wait in line to use them.  By adding the correct number of units, your thoughtfulness will be genuinely appreciated!

Moore Cans Has You Covered!  

Moore Cans' portable restrooms – whether our most-basic port-a-potties, our high-end portable toilets, or our large luxury restroom trailers – all serve as an event amenity that is guaranteed to offer comfort, security, and immense convenience and make your guests feel right at home!

Ensuring our clients' absolute satisfaction is always our company's top priority.  After all, our customers are the ones who have allowed Moore Cans' to maintain its lead as the 'go to' personal-needs solutions choice for their Texas events, for decades.  Meeting our customers expectations is a given; but exceeding our customers expectations is always our goal!

Turn any concern into peace-of-mind and know that Moore Cans' portable bathrooms are ready whenever you are!

Give Moore Cans a Call, Today!

You can reach our Dallas office at:  (214) 351-0909.  You will have questions and we will have immediate answers to help you sort out details and logistics, right over the phone.  When you call, be sure to ask about our free quote offer.  Also, by reserving early, you will have access to a more-varied inventory, from which, to select.  

We look forward to speaking with you and being an integral part of your next event – Let's do this!

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